Can be used: Indoor/Outdoor

This unique multicolored rectangular rug combines two different fibers to create a textured soft feel and a very sophisticated look. There is no need to compromise beauty for durability. This Ultra Durable Indoor/Outdoor style is designed for today’s casual lifestyle with easy cleanability.

Material:        65%-Polypropylene / 35%-Nylon


Construction: Hand Braid


Pattern:          Continuous Multicolor Spacedye Multi


Features:        Stain/Fade Resistant, Indoor/Outdoor, Made in USA


Design/Color: WO11-Indigo- WO21-Forest, WO31-Hickory, 
WO41-Maroon, WO51-Khaki, W081-Onyx

WO11 Indigo
WO21 Forest
WO31 Hickory
WO41 Maroon
WO51 Khaki
WO81 Onyx
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WO31 Hickory