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Since 1987, Rhody Rug, Inc. has created beautiful braided-texture area rugs and accessories that have pleased and delighted our customers in addition to providing long-lasting value.  Rhody Rug is a family owned and operated manufacturer with a combined 75 years of industry experience. Our products can be found in all the major catalogs, websites, gift shops, furniture and floor covering stores.  Rhody Rug products are always crafted with pride right here in the USA.


We use only yarns that meet our highest quality standards. Our fibers include wool, nylon, and polypropylene.  Rhody Rug uses only 100% two-ply texturized polypropylene. This type is made exclusively for us. This very special and unique process enables the yarn and rugs to assume a wool like appearance.


Most braided rug manufacturers use recycled non-woven materials as filler. Rhody Rug uses only synthetic fiber yarns knitted into a tube. The two ends of filler act as a firming agent around which the surface yarns are entwined.  Not only is our filler non-absorbent, but it also provides relaxation so the rug will always lie flat. Our filler is a built in cushion for a softer underfoot feeling.

Sewing Thread:
We use Clearlon, a high quality monofilament thread, which exceeds industry standards for strength and durability.

Our rugs are sewn using a state-of-the-art heavy duty lock-stitched sewing machine with the most stiches per inch and the widest stitch available. The wider and closer the stitching is, the longer life and wearability the rug has.

There are two braiding methods used for braided rugs: flat braid and tubular braid. Rhody Rug only makes rugs from flat braid. Flat braid is not only traditional, but by far the superior of the two.

Rug Weight:
Because of filler, surface yarn quality and braid density, our rugs can weigh up to 15% more than most braided rugs.

Our 100% texturized polypropylene rugs are the true indoor/outdoor braided rug. The polypropylene yarn and sewing thread used allows for the rug to be sunray resistant. Our knitted filler also allows the air to flow through the rug thus making the rug dry quicker if wet, and be more flexible for outdoor use.

If one of our many standards sizes or colors doesn’t work with your décor, Rhody Rug will make a custom rug to fit your needs. Custom rugs can be sized up to 20 feet (30 feet for runners) and any color from our many color selections. We can still ship custom orders in five days or less.

Our website is an informative tool while providing a service to our retail partners.  Orders on our website are only accepted from our qualified dealers.  Rhody Rug will never sell direct to the consumer. This way we never compete with our retail partners.

When calling Rhody Rug, you will speak with a live person during the regular business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Always feel free to call Rhody Rug with any questions.

  • Regular items are shipped from stock within two to three days of receiving the order.

  • No minimum order requirements.

  • No handling charges.

  • No extra charge for rush or express delivery.

Mission Statement:

To be the leading manufacturer of braided-texture area rugs and accessories in the United States by offering the best value, and the highest quality, of braided-texture area rugs and accessories to our customers. All backed by the best customer service in the industry

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