Can be used: Indoor/Outdoor

Bring warmth and richness to your home with this country classic! Delight yourself with its texture and trendsetting colors that blend festively and beautifully to brighten up any room!

Material:        100% Texturized Polypropylene


Construction: Flat Braid


Pattern:          12 Color Multi


Features:        Indoor/Outdoor, Stain Resistant, Reversible, Made in USA 


Design/Color: MF13-Old Glory, MF23-Verdant, MF33-Brown Fudge, MF43-Sangria, MF53-Natural Earth, MF63-Forest Green

MF13 Old Glory
MF23 Verdant
MF33 Brown Fudge
MF43 Sangria
MF53 Natural Earth
MF63 Forest Green
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MF23 Verdant