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Can be used: Indoor/Outdoor

Classic racetrack pattern in natural earth tones combines tradition with the subtle look of tweed. Designed to be used indoors or out, this family-friendly rug is especially suited to high-traffic areas.

Constructed of softly textured polypropylene cover yarns that stand up to the demands of sun, rain and dirt, with crush-resistant knitted filling that provides cushiony support. Because water drains right through the fibers, the rug dries quickly and is impervious to mold and mildew. To clean, just hose off and allow to dry in the sun.        

Material:        100% Texturized Polypropylene


Construction: Flat Braid


Pattern:          11 Color Multi


Features:        Indoor/Outdoor, Stain Resistant, Reversible, Made in USA 


Design/Color: EL33-Taupetone, EL43-Warm Earth, EL63-Herb Garden,
EL73-Spanish Red, EL83-Charcoal, EL93-Blue Lake

EL33 Taupetone
EL43 Warm Earth
EL63 Herb Garden
EL73 Spanish Red
EL83 Charcoal
EL93 Blue Lake
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EL83 Charcoal