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Casual Comfort

Can be used: Indoor

This sophisticated style combines a blend of two different fibers to create a beautifully soft texture feel. Designed using the latest contemporary home trend of colors, the blended yarns are flat-braided over a crush-resistant knitted fiber filling that provides cushiony support. Thus creating a refined pattern that adds warmth and luxury to any home decor.

Material:        75% wool / 25% Polyester


Construction: Flat Braid, tweed and solid


Pattern:          Bordered rounded rectangle


Features:        Wool Blend, Soft Texture, Reversible … MADE IN USA, Crafted with pride in New England.


Design/Color: CC38 Mocha, CC48 Silvermist, CC58 Sesame, CC68 Mistletoe, CC78 Rosewood, CC98 Sunrise Blue

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