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Can be used: Indoor

Originally used to warm drafty New England floors, pure wool remains the traditional choice for country rugs. Wool yarns create a soft feel underfoot, paired with a durability that retains its shape and appearance year after year.
Our space-dyed 100% wool yarns are flat-braided to create sophisticated patterns that add warmth and luxury to your country home. Constructed of pure virgin wool cover yarns with a crush-resistant knitted fiber filling that provides cushiony support. Reversible for twice the wear.

Material:        100% wool


Construction: Flat Braid


Pattern:          Multicolored Multi


Features:        Wool, Reversible, Durable, Made in USA 


Design/Color: AS22-Greengrass, AS32-Walnut, AS42-Red Velvet,
AS52-Wheat Field, AS82-Black Rock, AS92-Blue Dragon

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